Article - How I became a Muslim Refusenik

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19 Apr 2012
Monday March 19th, 2012
Article: How I became a Muslim Refusenik
Article: How I became a Muslim Refusenik
Manji, Irshad. (2003).“How I became a Muslim Refusenik.” The Trouble with Islam. Canada:
Random House. 5-30
Key Points from the Article:
- Muslims in East Africa treated blacks like slaves
- If you’re spiritual, you don’t think; if you think, you’re not spiritual
- Madressa, which seen as a place to find your future wife/ husband
- Girls need to pray (5 times a day) earlier than men do because they mature earlier. Yet girls can’t lead
- Only 13 % of all Muslims are Arabic.
- She chose to give her alms to a non religious charity as oppose to a Muslim one because she didn’t
know where her money was going.
- She lost faith but then started to regain faith after the mid 1990’s
- Muslim’s worship same god as the Christians and Jews do
- Abraham was the first profit to receive revelation that there’s one god
- Muslim’s didn’t invent one god they renamed him Allah
- An abundance of laughter means you have been soften by wit and have soften your character.
- 2 questions:
1) How to reconcile homosexuality with Islam?
2) How can the Koran denote homosexuality and declare that Allah makes excellent everything he
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