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Article - Practices of the Faith

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Ryerson University
SOC 885
Amina Jamal

ndMonday April 2 2012 Article Practices of the FaithArticle Practices of the Faith Haddad YY Smith JLMoore K 2006Practices of the Faith InMuslim Women in America The Challenge of Islamic Identity TodayNew York Oxford University PressKey Points from the ArticleBreaks down practice of faith in three main categories 1 mosque attendance and participation in mosquerelated activities 2 observance of the five pillars duties of Muslims 3 involvement of increasing number of women in learning and teaching the traditional religious sciences of IslamYoung journalist entered the mosque through the front door asked to leave wants women to be treated the same as menExcept in houses of worship established by South Asians and a few Salafis who adhere to traditional customs women have played and continue to pay key roles in mosque social activitiesMore women prefer Sunday prayers as oppose to Friday prayer because they are more family orientatedWomen often pray in a separate room or behind some curtain or when space is limited women pray in hallways or basementsAccording to Islamic law it is not necessary that any kind of partition separate men and women during worshipAfrican American Muslim scholar activist Amina Wadud became the first Muslim women on public record to lead a mixedgender Friday prayerAfrican American Mosques have the highest number of women leaders South Asians have the fe
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