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Chapter 5

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 140
Diana Bedoya

Chapter 5 Personal Nutrition Nutrients Essential nutrientsrequired for health and that your body cannot make itself There are 6 main categories of nutrients Macronutrientsnutrients required in the human body in the greatest amountsWaterCarbohydrates fats protein Provide energy Calories Micronutrientsnutrients needed in very small amountsVitamins mineralsWater 85 of blood 70 of muscles and 75 of the brain are composed of water Lose up to 225 litres of water a day must replenish Functionscarries nutrientsenvironment for chemical reactions to occurmaintains temperature contributes to the production of sweat to cool the bodylubricates jointsaids digestionsremoves waste via urineCaloriesthe measure of the amount of energy delivered from food The main dietary determinant of whether you will store energy as fat or lose energy from fat is the total caloric content of your diet If your total caloric intakeenergy expenditure you will most likely store this extra energy as fat and accordingly gain weight Fat 9 kcalg Carbs 4 kcalg Protein 4 kcalg and alcohol 7 kcalg all contribute to caloricenergy intakeProteinbasic framework of muscles bones blood hair and fingernails critical for growth and repair Made of combinations of 20 amino acids the building blocks of protein 9 of which are essential body cannot produce Animal proteins are complete they have all 9 essential amino acids Grains dry beansnuts are incomplete they lack all of the essential amino acids can eat incomplete proteins together to make a complete protein Recommended intake 08 gkg of bodyweight Provides 4 kcalg but not primary source of energy
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