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BPK 140
Stephen Brown

Chapter 1 – The Concept of Health 1. Explain what a model is and why models are important • Model is a perspective, a framework, a way of looking at things and it is important because the perspective he/she is coming from influences his/her interpretations, decisions, and behaviors 2. State the WHO definition of health • Health is the complete state of physical, mental, and social well- being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (disorder or frailty) 3. Describe the medical, risk factor, and wellness models • Medical Model: medical model views health as the absence of disease. When one develops sign (things one can see, ex) spots on the skin) and symptoms (things one feels, ex) fever/nausea) • Risk Factor Model: goes beyond the detection and treatment of disease by emphasizing disease prevention and empowers the individual to take some responsibility of his/her health. • Wellness/Holistic Model: still recognizes the importance of disease treatment. But, the neutral position (the absence of signs & symptoms) is not considered the optimal state. Rather the individual strives to achiese a high level of wellness through becoming aware of the role he can play in his health – mentally, physically, and spiritually a) Genetics b) Health Care c) Psychological Factors d) Physical Environment e) Social Factors f) Personal Health Behaviors g) Political Factors h) Socio-economic Class 4. Discuss how each of these models would deal with specific health issues, for example, heart health • Medica
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