BUS 343 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13: Public Service Announcement, Pro Bono, Product Demonstration

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Published on 25 May 2011
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Business Administration
BUS 343
Chapter 13: Communications Mix
and Tactics
Communications Mix Revisited
Organizations that follow an IMC strategy recognize that other elements can be highly
Most common element of communication mix because it can be fun to create, glamorous
to be involved with and often involves large budgets, travel, and celebrities
Advertising is often unparalleled in its ability to demonstrate products, use sights and
sounds to create desire, and repeat the message as often as deemed necessary for it to
have an impact on receivers
Creating Advertising
Advertising that was memorable because it stood out and uniquely appealed to its
intended audience
Product advertising an advertising message that focuses on a specific good or
oOne of three purposes: to educate people about the new product and what it
does; to convince the target audience try it or choose it over other options; or to
ensure that people wont forget about the product and the things they already
know about it
Institutional advertising an advertising message that promotes the activities,
personality, or point of view of an organization or company
oBuild demand for a product category
Advocacy Advertising a type of public service advertising provide by an organization
that is seeking to influence public opinion on an issue because it has some stake in the
Public service advertisements advertising run by the media without charge for not-
for-profit organizations or to champion a particular cause
oOften take on one or more public service campaigns on a pro bono basis (for
Who Creates Advertising
Advertising Campaign a coordinated, comprehensive plan that carries out promotion
objectives and results in a series of advertisements placed in media over a period of time
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Creating and executing an advertising campaign often requires many companies working
together and a broad range of skilled people to do the job right
In-house agency do their own advertising
Limited-service agency provides one or more specialized services, such as media
buying or creative development
Full service agency provides most or all of the services needed to mount a campaign
Full service communications services companies, which provide clients with advice and
service in all areas of communications decision making
Advertising agency joins the talents of specialists who together craft a message and
make the communications concept a reality
Account Management
oSoul of operation
oDevelops the campaigns strategy
oSupervises day to day activities on the account and ensures that the client is
oVerifying that people within the agency are executing the desired strategy
Creative Services
oHeart of the communication efforts
oDream up and produce the ads, create ads that will excite, arouse, or interest
Research and Marketing Services
oBrains of the campaign
oThe one that collects information and provide feasible ideas to account
executives as well as providing feedback
Media Planning
oLegs of the campaign
oDetermine which communications vehicles are the most effective and
recommends the most efficient means for delivering the ad by deciding where,
when, and how often it will appear
Media Choices
Each media has its advantages and disadvantages
Traditional Media
oFavourite choice for regional or national companies
oProvide easy access to a particular market segment
oPrestigious way to advertise
oCan demonstrate product in use
When star uses it includes image reinforcement, brand awareness,
extensive reach, and the protection of the product from zapping
oProvide entertainment and generate excitement
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oCreative and flexible
oAllow the advertiser to reach a selected group at relatively low cost
oMessages have high impact because of the use of sight and sound
oExpensive cost
oMessage is forgotten quickly unless it is repeated
oAudience is increasingly fragmented
oFewer people are viewing network TV
oPeople switch from station to station zapping commercials
oRising costs have led to more and shorter ads causing more clutters
oAttract advertisers seeking low costs and the ability to reach specific consumers
oHeard out of the home
oCan reach customers on a personal and intimate level
oUse local personalities
oCan be modified quickly to reflect changes in the market place
oUse sound effects and music allows listeners to use their imagination to create a
vivid scene
oDont pay full attention to what they hear
oDifficulty in buying radio time, especially for national advertisers
oNot appropriate for products that must be seen or demonstrated to be
oSmall audience of individuals stations means ads must be placed with many
different stations and must be repeated frequently
oExcellent medium for local advertising and for events that require a quick
oWide exposure provides extensive market coverage
oFlexible format permits the use of colour, different size ads sand targeted editions
oAbility to use detailed copy
oRight mental frame to process advertisements about new products, sales
oTimeliness i.e. short lead time between placing ad and having it run
oMost people dont spend much time reading the newspaper
oReadership is low among teens and young adults
oShort life span rarely look at it more than once
oVery cluttered ad environment
oReproduction quality of images is relatively poor
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Document Summary

Communications mix revisited: organizations that follow an imc strategy recognize that other elements can be highly effective. Media choices: each media has its advantages and disadvantages. Television: advantage, favourite choice for regional or national companies, provide easy access to a particular market segment, prestigious way to advertise, can demonstrate product in use. Directories: most down to earth information focused advertising medium, usually references just before the consumer makes the decision to buy, so the advertiser has the opportunity to influence the buyer immediately before the decision. Mobile media: m-commerce promotional and other e-commerce activities transmitted over mobile phones and other mobile devices such as personal digital assistants (pdas, use sms to reach consumers, provides incredible consumer convenience, use mobile phone to purchase products. Out of home media: out of home media communications media that reach people in public places, medium works best when it tells a simple, straightforward story, place based media transmit messages in public places www. notesolution. com.