BUS 343 Chapter 4: Ch. 4 Notes

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Ch. 4 – Analyzing the Marketing Environment
- marketing environment = consist of actors & forces outside marketing that affect marketing
management’s ability to build & maintain successful relationships w/ target customers
 microenviro = actors close to company that affect ability to serve customers
 company: in designing marketing plans, need to take other company departments into
 suppliers: form important link in company’s overall customer value delivery network
omust watch supply avail & costs
 marketing intermediaries = help company promote, sell, distribute products to final
oresellers = distribution channel firms that help company find customers/make sales
to them
ophysical distribution firms = help company stock & move goods from points of
origin to destination
omarketing services agencies = help company target & promote its prods to right
i.e. marketing research firms, advertising agencies, media firms, etc
ofinancial intermediaries = help finance transactions/insure against risks assoc. w/
buying & selling of goods
banks, credit companies, insurance, companies, etc
 competitors
 publics = any group that has actual/potential interest in/impact on an org’s ability to
achieve its objectives
ofinancial publics = influences company’s ability to obtain funds
omedia publics = carries news, features, editorial opinion
ogov publics = taken into account by management
marketers must often consult company’s lawyers on issues of prod safety,
truth in advertising, etc
ocitizen-action publics = question company’s marketing decisions
consumer orgs, enviro groups, minority groups, etc
PR department can help company stay in touch w/ consumer & citizen
olocal publics = incl neighbourhood residents & community orgs
ogeneral public = public image of company
ointernal publics = incl workers, managers, volunteers, BoD
 customers
oconsumer markets = buy goods/services for personal consumption
obusiness markets = buy goods/services for further processing/use in production
oreseller markets = buy goods/services to resell at a profit
ogov markets = buy goods/services to produce public services/transfer
goods/services to others who need them
ointernational markets = all ^ buyers in other countries
 macroenviro = larger societal forces that affect microenviro
 demography = study of human pops in size, density, location, age, gender, race, etc
ochanges in demography have major implications for business & markets
 economic enviro = factors that affect consumer purchasing power & spending powers
oindustrial economies = rich markets for many diff goods
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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