BUS 381 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Job Analysis, Job Enrichment, Job Performance

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By Mark Liangco | BUS 381
Chapter 4 & 5 Job Analysis and HR Planning
Job Design
- Process of organizing work into tasks required for a job
- Purpose: enhance the performance of employees and organization by modifying and enriching jobs.
- Make jobs more efficient.
Job Analysis
- Procedure for determining:
o Task, duties and responsibilities of a job
o Human attributes (knowledge and skills) required to perform a job.
- Job analysis proves the foundation for all other HR activities
Steps in Job Analysis
1) Identify what the information will be used
2) Review relative background information
a. Includes reviewing current job description of the job
3) Select representative position/jobs to be analyzed
a. Ideally, you want to do job analysis on everything but time is scarce
b. We have to focus on particular jobs to save time
4) Analyze the jobs
a. Use the Job Analysis techniques/ Use Qualitative and Queantitative data)
5) Review analysis with incumbent/supervisor
6) Develop job description and Job Specifications
Analyzing the Job (Step 4)
Qualitative Data
- Are often used but we also need quantitative data
1) Interviews
2) Questionnaires
3) Observation good for jobs that require physical activities
4) Participant diary/Log
Quantitative Data
- Needs a trained HR professional to fill out as it is hard to comprehend.
- We assign a score of each job and compare its value
1) Position Analysis Questionnaire
2) Functional Job Analysis
a. To identify what training a job needs to be done efficiently.
Reference Tool (for both quantitative and qualitative)
1) National Occupational Classification
a. You can find very standardized and details of a lot of jobs including job descriptions and
2) Career Handbook
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