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Business Administration
BUS 237
Zorana Svedic

Chapter 3 Productivity Innovation and StrategyWhat is the Productivity ParadoxWe see computers everywhere but in productivity statisticsInterested in how IT investments can create business valueoTangible benefits through more efficient use of resources or more effective delivery of services to customersMeasurement errors may be critical to observed lack of productivity from IT investmentsoDue to invisible and intangible benefits from ITo3 ways to benefit1 Productivity greater outputs for the same input2new ways for organizations Structure of competitionto compete3 Benefits to end customer more efficient change in the nature of competitionCan IS improve ProductivityOrg can increase productivity by required to balance for long term successefficiencyo Increasing Increasing efficiency means business processes can be accomplished either more quickly or with fewer resources and facilities Easier to measure doing things right using just the right amount of resources facilities and information to do a satisfactory joboIncreasing effectivenessdoing the right thingsBy offering either new or improved goods or services that the customer valuesOften requires changing BP to offer something new and improvedBusiness Process and Value ChainsValue chain network of activities that improve the effectiveness or value of a good or serviceoEach step adds value more value added greater selling priceoTwo types of activities that support the value chainPrimary Activities directly add valueInbound outbound logistics operations marketing and sales and service
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