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Chapter 10

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Business Administration
BUS 237
Maryam Ali

Chapter 10 Understanding the IT Dept.: Operations and Projects August-03-12 9:58 PM Need to understand IT Dept. to: • Be more effective • Obtain equipment,services, systems • Integrate 2 depts. in a merger, and raise IT issues early • Understand needs of IT dept. for initiatives IT Operations • Delivery of service, maintenance, protection,management of IT infrastructure • Large portion of IT operational budget • Attract specialists, strive to improve efficiency & security of production systems ○ Active systems that support operations • Emphasis on stability, predictability,accountability,reliability, security ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library • Well recognized, collection of books, provide framework of best practice approaches to IT operations • Set of management procedures, designed to help businesses achieve value from IT operations IT Projects • Renewal and adaptationof IT infrastructure • High profile & high cost changes • Funded outside of IT operationsbudget ○ More contact with project stakeholders in other depts. • People have broad skills, need to learn new technologies • Several differentprojects happen simultaneously, hectic PMBOK Project Management Body Of Knowledge • Provide project managers, sponsors, team leaders with accepted project management techniques & practices • Developed by PMI (Project Management Institute) ○ Offers certification *Although IT operations & projects are separate fields, they rely on each other for success; need a balance between both Web • Internal support ○ Company intranet,FAQ, web based forms for requestingservices, web based apps that help support tasks apps that help support tasks • External support ○ Website, FAQ for customers, support info, company director contact info Responsibilities • Managing & protectingIT infrastructureto provide IT services • Alignment activities & services with primary goals of organization • Assessment of new technology, and determinationof whether it can be used to advance goals • Adaptation of infrastructure & systems to new business goals • Headed by CIO(chief information officer), MIS director Information Technology • Infrastructure needs to be operated,maintained,tuned to changes, and repaired • Sensitive to possible threats to security Data Resource • Threats come from human error, malicious human activity, natural events/disasters • Manage risk • Identify potential threats, estimate risks, specify appropriatesafeguards System Applications • Hardware & software • Functional, cross-functional applications • Support self-built applications • Manage system upgrades, basic system maintenance • Monitor installation of systems to ensure proper licensing ○ Manage server licensing agreements (SLA), make sure all agreements are met, software is legal Renewal of IT Infrastructure  Usually accomplished through projects  Departmentalso responsible for creating systems infrastructuresthe company needs  Need to define and specify standard computer systems and configurations Decision Making • IS & IT are expensive, investment should be addressed as a substantial project • When IT departmentsmake recommendationsabout adopting technology, the final decision should be made by the business part of the company • Analysis of project’s cost + benefits ○ Business value: benefits  Tangible: have dollar value  Intangible: impossible to compute dollar value ○ Common method for justifying IS/IT projects is to compute the costs and tangible benefitsof the system and then perform a financial analysis  If the project can be justified on tangible benefits alone, then make a favourable decision  If not justified on tangible benefitsalone, intan
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