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Simon Fraser University
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BUS 381
Natalie Zhao

Ch6 recruitment Recruitment 1Process of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants which begins with the identification of a position that requires staffing and is completed when resumeapplication forms are received from an and an adequate number of applicants2The success of recruitment determines the success of selection How can we know that the recruitment process is successful 1Quantity of applicants output 2Quality of applicants output 3At the minimum cost input 4In the shortest amount of timeInput Constraints in the recruitment process 3Organizational policies 1Promotefromwithin policies 2Compensation the starting salary can dictate whether the applicant will apply or not 4Inducements of competitors 1Childcare center for applicants 5Employment equity plans 6Labor shortages 1If there is a labour shortage recruiters have to spend tome and plan carefully so that they can compete with those limited number of applicants Internal Recruiting 7Advantages 1Enhanced morale if competence is rewarded 2More commitment to company goals 3Longerterm perspective on business decisions 4More accurate assessment of candidates skills 5Less orientation required 8Disadvantage 1Discontent of unsuccessful candidates 2Time consuming to post and interview all candidates if one is already preferred 3Employee dissatisfaction with insider as new boss 4Possibility of inbreeding 1Only a select departments gets promoted ex the sales department External Recruiting 9Advantages 1Larger more diverse pool of qualified candidates 2Acquisition of new skills and knowledge for creative problem solving 3Elimination of rivalrycompetition for transferspromotions 4Cost savings from hiring skilled individuals with no need for training
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