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Chapter 4& 6

ch4 and ch 6 definitions

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 355
Robert Ley

Ch 4 ~ The Self, Identity, Emotion, and Personality Self-understanding - individuals cognitive representation of the self; substance and content of self-conceptions - social cognitive construction = develop capacity to interact with their sociocultural experiences to influence their self understanding - ex. Student, movie fan - adole. = based on various roles and membership cateogires (number of aspect of the self) Possible self - what individuals might become, what they would like to become, adn what they are afraid of becoming Self- esteem - global evaluative dimension of the self; aka. Self-worth, or self image - may not be accurate perceptions of the self - decrease when children make transition from elementary to middle school - after many life transitions persons self esteem often decreases; flunuates across lifespan - decrease in adole increase in twenties leveled off in thirties rose in forites to 60s - females lower throughout lifespan - physical appearance major factor - social context influences development of this - low = temporary, can devleop to other problems = depression, anorexia, delinquency, adjustment problems, suicide = correlational -increase 1. identify cause, 2. provide emo support and social approval, 3. foster achievement 4. help cope Self-concept - domain specific evaluatoins of the self Narcissism - self centred and self concerned approach toward others - unaware of their actual self and how others percieve them = adjustment problems - rarely show empathy toward others, often devalue people around them to protect their own self esteem - respond with rage and shame if others do not admire them - most grandoise when self-esteem is threatened - adole more aggressive only when they are shamed - covert and overt = poor adjustment, mod. = health adjustment - high self esteem and narcissism = high aggression Identity vs. Identity - Eriksons 5 developmental stage; occurs during adole where they are faced with deciding who they are, what they confusion are all about, where they are going in life -
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