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Chapter 13-355

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PSYC 355
Robert Ley

CHAPTER 13 – 355 Biopsychosocial approach – approach that emphasizes that problems develop through an interaction of biological, psychological, and social factors Developmental psychopathology approach – focuses on describing and exploring the developmental pathways of problems Developmental cascades – a developmental psychopathology approach that emphasizes connections across domains over time to influence developmental pathways and outcomes Internalizing problems – develop when individuals turn problems inward (anxiety, depression) Externalizing problems – develop when individuals turn problems outward (juvenile delinquency) Risk factors – predictors of problems EXTERNAL ASSETS: 1. Support – family, neighborhood 2. Empowerment – community valuing youth 3. Boundaries and expectations – family setting clear rules 4. Constructive use of time – engaging in creative activities INTERNAL ASSETS: 1. Commitment to learning – motivated in school 2. Positive values - integrity 3. Social competencies – making decisions, empathy, friendship skills 4. Positive identities – high self-esteem, sense of control over life Stress – the response of individuals to stressors, which are circumstances and events that threaten and tax their coping abilities Acculturative stress – the negative consequences that result from contact between two distinctive cultural groups Coping – managing taxing circumstances, expending effort to solve life’s problems and seeking to master or reduce stress Problem-focused coping – Lazarus’ term for the strategy of squarely facing one’s troubles and trying to solve them Emotion-focused coping – Lazarus’ term for responding to stress in an emotional manner, especially by using defence mechanisms Avoidant co
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