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Chapter 4

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ANTH 1010H
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Chapter 4 Glossary: The Living Past Middle-Range Theory: A way of seeking accurate means for identifying and measuring specified properties of past cultural systems Ethnoarchaeology: Living archaeology, a form of ethnography that deals mainly with material remains. Archaeologists carry out living archaeology to document the relationships between human behaviour and the patterns of artifacts and food remains in the archaeological record. Experimental The use of carefully controlled modern experiments to provide data to aid in the interpretation Archaeology: of the archaeological record. Culture Change: The process that all cultures go through in time; opposite of stasis Biological Change: Same as evolution, the change of a population from its ancestral state to a more modern state. Social Evolution: An early cultural approach to change that incorrectly assumed that cultures evolved in a rather automatic fashion from savagery to barbarianism to civilization Adaptation: The theoretical end result of natural selection on biological species; species are generally better adapted to their existing environment through time Speciation: The process of forming new species either by a group changing and becoming so different as to necessitate a new designation or by some kind of isolation, splitting into two or more species. Drift: One ca
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