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Chapter 20

PSYC 3610H Chapter Notes - Chapter 20: Functional Analysis

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PSYC 3610H
Shawn Carter

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Chapter 20 Behavioral Assessment: Initial Considerations
Phases of a Behavior Program
Success of a beh. plan typically involves 4 phases during which
the beh is identified, defined and recorded
1. Screening/intake Phase
2. Assessment/Baseline Phase
3. Treatment/Intervention Phase
4. Follow Up Phase
Screening/Intake Phase
Intake forms completed with general info & reason for visit
May also identify whether the practitioner is appropriate for the
case or if someone else is should help
Screens for crisis condition that requires immediate intervention
(child abuse, suicide risk)
Gather sufficient info through client interview & psychological
Assessment/Baseline Phase
Beh. modifier assess target beh. to determine its level prior to
treatment & analyzes current environment for controlling
Indirect Assessment Procedures (interview with the client &
significant others, questionnaires)
Direct Assessment Procedures (Observation, data collection on
observed beh)
Experimental Assessment Procedures (Functional analysis)
Computer Assisted Data Collection
Collecting Data Allows Us To…
Decide whether they are the appropriate person to design the
Identify if the beh truly is a concern or not
Identify function of beh. and appropriate strategies
Clearly determine whether the program is effective
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