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Chapter 6

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University of Guelph
ANTH 3650
Edward Hedican

Muckle Chapter 6 Summary: Understanding the Colonial Experience Continental Diplomacy in NA -Continental diplomacy – polite way to describe the struggles for resources etc. and of indigenous peoples by first the Europeans and now what is Canada and U.S.A -concerns some negotiations but many violent conflicts -1400- significant European change on ppl and culture began -Christopher Columbus set the stage for Spanish colonialism and led the way to other nations claiming rights -continental diplomacy is mainly concerned with Spain, Britain, France and indigenous nations -2 types of colonialism 1. exploitation colonialism- taking what resources are there with the least amount of effort 2. settler colonialism- larger number of colonists which create new resources e.g. farming -eventually the Spanish influence left and the British and French were left to battle it out with themselves and the indigenous population -results were diplomatic relationships with indigenous groups Principals, Policies, Practices and Agents of Change -Spanish were the worst to deal with -> they sought out gold and riches and if not found massacred people and took slaves -British and French were mostly fur traders – their relationship was relatively peaceful, this did not mean they didn’t change their culture unintentionally -1763 Royal Proclamation – recognized the rights and lands of indigenous groups and established the system of surrendering these rights and lands by treaties -what was considered “rights” to lands caused this proclamation to fail -Indian Act (Canada) -Indian removal act – designed to free up land for those of European decent -Indian citizenship act and Dawes act both aimed for indigenous people to become more like Europeans -change in schools -> indigenous children forced from their homes by law to attend school in which they were taught their ways were wrong and were assimilated Processes of Change -acculturation and assimilation are dominant processes -eurocentrism- dominating idea for Europeans -syncretism- a mixing of traditions population loss -introduction of disease from Europeans was main issue, also no access to vaccines and no natural immunity -also signi
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