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BIOL 1070
Shoshanah Jacobs

Vocabulary for Case 2 January-24-14 2:15 PM Biodiversity: Variabilityamong livingorganismsfrom all sources. Includes diversitywithinspecies, between species and within ecosystems. Scales geneticbiodiversity, speciesbiodiversityand ecosystem biodiversity. Species richness: The number of species present in a certain area. When a curve counting number of new species found beginsto leveloff as more and more sections of the area are surveyed, the species richness is saidto be determined. -When a graph levelsout, species richness is said to be SATURATED. Species abundance:How common a speciesis in a defined area. Relative abundance:Compares the abundance of different species. Determines how even the number of individualsin different species are. A low relativeabundance correlates with a lot of individualsin one speciesand not very manyin another. Low relativeabundance=low evenness. Abiotic: Non-livingfactors of an environment, such as physical and chemical features of an environment likelight, temperature, water, gases and soil. Biotic: Living factors of an environment, defining three categories Producers: Plants that convert sun energy into food Consumers: Organismsthat eat other plants and/or animals. Decomposers: Bacteria or fungi that feed off dead things to makelargeorganic moleculessmaller. Population:The collection of individualsof a singlespecies within an area at a certain point in time. Population ecology studies population density, patterns of dispersion, agedistributions, population growth and population size. Population Growth: The change in the number of individualsduring a period of
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