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BIOL 1070
T.Ryan Gregory

Unit 4 NotesMajestic Pine WoodsContains 3 different types of plants White Pine Sugar Maple and HoneysuckleSoil top Rich Organic Layer middle Mineral Soil Sandy Loam that occurs through thewater table and final Mineral Soil SandGravelOld Field WoodsGreen with areas of water river two pondslakesMuch greater plant diversity 7 types of plantsSoil top Organic Layer middle Mineral Soil Sandy Loam that occurs through watertable very large final Clay layerMaple Ridge WoodsBrown very little greenContains 3 different types of plants Sugar Maple White Pine White Ash and AlternateLeaved DogwoodSoil top Organic Layer large middle Mineral Soil Sand Gravel later followed by tehwater tableBiodiversity different scales of biological variation the variability among living organisms andthe ecological complexes of which they are partSpecies Richness the number of species present in a defined area such as a community orecosystemAbundance how common a species is in a defined area and can be measured as percentcover biomass or frequency of individuals per speciesRelative abundance refers to the comparison of the species abundance within adefined area and relates to the evenness of distribution of individuals among species ina communityAbiotic the physical and chemical features of an environment include light temperaturewater etcBiotic refer to the living things that live within and shape an ecosystem includes producersconsumers and decomposersPopulation refers to the collection of individuals of a single species within a defined area at aspecified point in time population ecology is concerned with factors such as population sizepopulation density patterns of dispersion age distributions and population growthCommunity refers to the collection of species living in a given area at a particular point intime community ecology is the study of the structure and dynamics of animal and plantcommunities Ecosystem a community of organisms that interact with each other and environmentalfactors eg abiotic factorsUnit 5 NotesWhat is a ForestStructure have a dominant super canopy subcanopy shrub layers dense or opendiversity on the ground moss gastropods slugs snails etcDifferent soil layers eg organic layerProcesses nutrients Population Growth the change in the number of individuals during some period of timepopulation growth ratebirth ratedeath rateimmigrationemigrationCarrying Capacity the number of individuals that can survive on the available resourceswithin a given area not fixed as it can altered by disturbances that deplete resources
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