BIOL 1080 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Communication, Chemotherapy, Safe Sex

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Published on 10 Dec 2012
Theory: A well-supported and wide-ranging explanation of some aspect of the physical
Statistical Significance: A measure of the possibility that the results were due to chance.
Clinical Trials: Studies on humans.
Placebo: An innocuous, nondrug substance made to look like the drug being tested.
Informed Consent: Lists all the possible harmful effects of the drug or treatment and must
be signed before a person can take part in a study.
Chapter 2a
Biomedical model of illness: In this model, a symptom of illness is considered to have an
underlying pathology that will hopefully, but not inevitably, be cured through medical
- Deals with objective facts, and assuming a direct causal relationship between
illness, its symptoms, and adjustments outcomes.
- Allows little room for subjectivity
- Reductionist The basic idea that mind, matter (body) and human behavior can
all be reduced to, and explained at, the level of cells, neural activity or
biochemical activity.
o Ignores evidence that different people respond in different ways to the
same underlying disease.
- There is one type of “stuff” that can be perceived objectively and subjectively.
- Ex. Many illnesses have organic underlying causes, but unique individual
responses due to the action of the mind. (Subjective)
Mind and body separate dualist / A mechanistic view point
Units Monists
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