BIOL 1500 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Human Genome Project, Gene Gun, Genetic Engineering

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Terms and Concepts Explanation Example
Agribusiness Mixing agricultural practices with
Amino acid Monomer subunit of a protein,
contains an amino, a carboxyl and a
unique side group.
Cell Basic unit of life: an organisms
fundamental building block units.
Cloning Producing copies of a gene or an
organism that are genetically
DNA Molecule of heredity that stores the
info required for making all of the
proteins required by a cell
Galls The contents of a gall bladder
Gene Discrete unit of heritable info about
genetic traits. Consists of sequence
of DNA that codes for a specific
Gene gun Device used to shoot DNA coated
pellets into plant cells
Gene therapy Replacing defective genes or their
products with functional ones
Genetic Heritability
Genetic engineering The process of manipulating genetic
information to make a new
Genetic engineers The scientists who modify
Genetically modified
organisms (GMOs)
Organisms whose genome
incorporates genes from another
organism, also called transgenic or
genetically engineered.
Genome Entire suites of genes present in an
Germ-line gene therapy Somatic cell
gene therapy and germ
line gene therapy. · Somatic cell
gene therapy changes/fixes/replaces
genes in just one person. The
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