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Chapter 13

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University of Guelph
Computing and Information Science
CIS 1000
Jing Yu Zhu

1 Chapter 13 How the Internet Works THE MANAGEMENT OF THE INTERNET Who owns the InternetUS government funded it but no one really owns it Does anyone manage the InternetNonprofit organizations and user groups each with a specialized purpose Who pays for the InternetThe National Science Foundation NSF the primary source of funds is tax dollarsWE DO INTERNET NETWORKING Connecting to the Internet How are computers connected to the InternetNetwork of networksInternet backbone is the main paths of the Internet along which data travels the fastestEx Verizon business ATT Sprint and Qwest How do ISPs that form the Internet backbone communicateA T line initially carried data over twisted pair linesNowadays highspeed is connected to a fiberoptic line designated as an optical carrier OC line How are the ISPs connected to each otherOnce known as network access points NAPs which were designed to move large amounts of data quickly between networksNow dataexchange method is known as an Internet exchange point IXP which is made up of one or more network switches Switches are devices that send data on a specific route through a network How do individuals connect to an ISPPoint of presence POP which is a bank of modems servers routers and switches through which many users can connect to an ISP simultaneouslyThe Network Model of the Internet What type of network model does the Internet useClientserver model which client computers request servers and other computers known as servers provide those services to the clientsDifferent types of servers 1 Web server computer that runs specialized operating systems2 Commerce server computer that hosts software that enables users to purchase goods and services over the web 3 File server computer that is deployed to provide remote storage space or to act as a storehouse for files that users download Do all Internet connections take place in a clientserver modePeertopeer P2P modeEx BitTorrentPieces of the files is called seedsA group of users is called a swarm
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