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Family Relations and Human Development
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Michelle Preyde

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Chapter 9 Fading: is the gradual change over successive trials of an antecedent stimulus that controls a response so that the response occurs to a partially changed or completely new stimulus. involved in everyday situations in which one person teaches a behavior to another Any situation in which a stimulus exerts strong control over a response, fading can be a useful procedure for transferring the control of that response to some other stimulus. fading procedures are used in many learning situations in programs with persons with developmental disabilities including autism and with very young children. Errorless discrimination training, (errorless learning): is the use of a fading procedure to establish a stimulus discrimination so that no errors occur. Advantages over procedures involving trial and error. 1. errors consume valuable time. 2. if an error occurs once, it tends to occur many times, even if it’s being extinguished. 3. the nonreinforcement that occurs when errors are being extinguished often produces emotional side effects FACTORS INFLUENCING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF FADING 1. The Final Desired Stimulus 2. The Starting Stimulus: A Prompt Prompt: is a supplemental antecedent stimulus provided to increase the likelihood that a desired behavior will occur, but that is not the final desired stimulus to control behavior. INSTRUCTOR BEHAVIORS AS PROMPTS Physical prompts: consist of guiding the learning through touch. Gestural prompts: are certain motions that a teacher makes without touching the student. Modeling prompts: occur when th
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