FRHD 2100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Anal Sex, Egg White, Missionary Position

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Week 8
Chapter 8: Sexual Techniques and Behaviour Patterns – page #192-214:
Solitary Sexual Behaviour:
Sexual Fantasy:
Sexual fantasy mental imagery that’s sexually arousing or erotic
Sexual fantasies can be experienced as positive, negative, or both
Most people believe sexual fantasies are common, moral, socially acceptable, and more
beneficial than harmful
Sexual Fantasy Content:
Fantasies can include having intercourse with loved partners, kissing passionately, having
sex in places other than the bedroom, having sex outdoors in romantic settings, and giving
and receiving oral sex
Men were more likely to enjoy fantasies reflecting themes of anonymous or impersonal sex,
whereas women enjoyed fantasies that could be described as romantic
Males are more likely to fantasize about forcing women into sexual activity, while women are
more likely to fantasize about being victimized
Sexual fantasies that in any way involve sexual activity that’s not consensual and legal
should remain in the realm of fantasy, and not become reality
LGB Fantasy:
The happier the women were with their relationships, the more likely they were to fantasize
about common activities with their partners if their relationships weren’t going so well, they
were more likely to fantasize about things they used to do with their partners, or things they’d
done with former partners
Heterosexual men’s fantasy spheres appeared to be more limited than that of gays,
restricting these men to more standard sexual activities with females the gay men were
more open to fantasizing about a wider range of sexual behaviour
Theoretical Perspectives on Sexual Fantasy:
Evolutionary theorists conjecture that women are more likely than men to fantasize about
familiar lovers, because female reproductive success in ancestral times was more likely to
depend emotional close, protective relationships with reliable partners
According to evolutionary theory, men are therefore more likely to have fantasies about
casual sex with different partners
Researchers have noted that the tendency for women’s sexual fantasies to be more romantic
than men’s, and the greater tendency for men’s sexual fantasies to involve new sexual
partners, is a reflection of society’s traditional sexual scripts the double standard for male
and female sexual behaviour
Sexual Dreams:
Sexual dreams are common among university students, and most have sexual dreams at
least once a week
The most common activities in their dreams were kissing and sexual intercourse
Students generally dreamed about behaviours they’d engaged in with partners, rather than
untried behaviours
The females were more likely to dream about their current partners, whereas the males were
more likely to dream about other people
Masturbation in History:
Within the Judeo-Christian tradition, masturbation has been strongly condemned as sinful
St. Augustine’s views were carried into medicine in the 18th century, and the medical
profession translated sin into disease
Dr. J. H. Kellogg believed sexual desires could be controlled by sticking to a diet of simple
foods, especially grains, including the Corn Flakes he and his brother invented
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Week 8
19th century physicians advised patients to take measures to prevent their children from
masturbating bandage or cage genitals or tie hands together
Sex therapists have found that masturbation has therapeutic benefits
Now, most people, including doctors, view masturbation as harmless pleasure
A more contemporary view is that masturbation can be an important part of a healthy sexual
development and a way for people to learn about their own sexual responses
Negative emotions are linked to personal attitudes toward masturbation, not to masturbation
Masturbation Today:
The incidence of masturbation is generally greater among men than women
Research suggests that the more education a person has, the more likely he or she is to
In our efforts to correct misinformation about masturbation, we don’t wish to leave the
impression that there’s anything wrong with people who choose not to masturbate, rather, we
believe it’s up to individuals to decide for themselves
Male Masturbation Techniques:
Although masturbation techniques vary widely, most men report that they masturbate by
manual manipulation of the penis
Men tend to grip the penile shaft with one hand, jerking it up and down in a milking motion
Men are also likely to stroke the glans and frenulum likely at the outset, tightening the grip
and speeding up their motions as orgasm nears
At orgasm, they may grip the penile shaft tightly, but usually avoid touching the glans, which
has become sensitive
Some men use lubricants to reduce friction and stimulate the moist conditions of intercourse
Female Masturbation Techniques:
Masturbation techniques for women vary widely even when the general technique was
similar, women varied in the tempo and style of their self-caresses
Most women masturbate by massaging the mons, labia, minora, and clitoral region with
circular or back-and-forth motions
They may also straddle the clitoris with their fingers, striking the shaft rather than the glans
Women may lightly touch the glans during early arousal, but because of its exquisite
sensitivity, they rarely stroke it for any length of time
Woman typically achieve clitoral stimulation by rubbing or stroking the clitoral shaft or pulling
or tugging on the vaginal lips
Many women fantasize during masturbation
Women who use vibrators often experiment with different models, to find one with a suitable
shape and intensity of vibration
Sexual Behaviour with Others:
Partners’ feelings for one another, and the quality of their relationships, may be stronger
determinants of sexual arousal and response than the techniques they employ
Partners are most likely to experience mutually enjoyable sexual interactions when they’re
sensitive to each other’s sexual needs and incorporate techniques they’re both comfortable
Foreplay physical interactions that are sexually stimulating set the stage for intercourse
Consists in various forms of sexual activity that occur prior to penetrative sex, such as
cuddling, kissing, petting, and oral-genital contact
Foreplay is important because most couples aren’t ready for penetrative sex without first
building arousal and sexual response
Tantric Sex:
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