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Chapter 13

HTM 3160 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13: Carbon Footprint, Hard Currency, Psychographic

Hospitality and Tourism Management
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HTM 3160
Chris Choi

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Chapter 13 Notes
Domestic Tourism
Enhancement of national pride
Greater appreciation of environmental conservation and local culture
Greater geographic spread of tourism
Hard currency retention
Increased employment
Leisure-time experiences
Lower carbon footprint
Reduction of seasonality
Social and cultural benefits
Wealth redistribution
Trends and Influences
Demographics: Multi-generation domestic travel
Trip purpose: Multi-purpose travel trips (business and leisure)
Psychographics and lifestyle: Growth in "green travellers" (environmentally concerned)
Short-Break holidays: Domestic travels are more favourable to shorter breaks
Special-Interest Travel: Applies to both domestic and international travel
Technology Uses: Domestic travel relies more heavily on websites and social networking sites to
gather information on destinations
Trip Planning and Travel Arrangements: More last minute travel arrangements are gaining
popularity in domestic and international travel
International Tourism
Trends and Future Prospects
Long-term trend for international tourism is increasing
Only 3 years between 1995-2011 where international tourism declined: 2000, 2003, 2009
Future prospects for international tourism are bright but growth will be a slower pace
Marketing and promoting to international pleasure and leisure travel markets
Too many countries in the world to afford marketing to all of them
Focus efforts to produce the best return on investment (ROI)
Balance of payment deficits
A countries own residents spend more for tourism in other countries than international
tourists spend in their country
Marketing and promotion challenges:
Adapting to technological change
Managing expectations
Destination marketing to destination management
Confronting new levels of competition
Recognizing creative partnering as the new way of life
Finding new measures of success
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