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Chapter 2

MGMT 3020 Chapter 2: Textbook notes Topic 1.1 - chapter 2

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Mark Juhasz

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Topic 1.1 Text Book Notes (Ch 2)
The Driving Forces of CSR
Affluence – The state of having a great deal of money, wealth
affluent societies, where people have jobs, savings and security and can afford to choose
between, for example a low-cost polluting car or a high cost clean car.
This type of society allows for more strict green policies to protect the environment
affluence leads to a more civil society, which leads to more rapidly shifting attention to
public concerns
Sustainability – the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level
heightened affluence and changing societal expectations is enhanced by a growing concern for
the environment
stakeholder awareness of sustainability issues will ensure that companies concerned with the
issues and making a difference within their business model to make an effort for change will
prosper compared to companies not making an effort to change.
Globalization - the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international
influence or start operating on an international scale.
Magnifies the complexity of the business, adding new laws / regulations, social norms that must
be understood, and new stakeholders with vastly different cultures and ideas
use of the internet allows stakeholders affected by the global companies to communicate and
keep the company in check
transforms the CSR debate because a domestic view is no longer the only lense with which CSR
should be viewed
globalization allows stakeholders across different cultures to express their concerns directly
Firm that exhibit openness have found that they can better compete for profitable
firms that appear adaptive and responsive to societal claims will be ever more successful
the growing influence of the internet ensures that CSR lapses are brought public instantly and
can cause irreversible damage to companies
the internet has empowered individuals because of the vast amounts of information we have
access to
brands are a focal point for companies, being a good brand in the consumers mind gives them a
competitive advantage
the best was for a firm to protect it’s brand is to invest in a CSR perspective throughout its
brands are built: based on ideals, perceptions and concepts that usually appeal to stakeholders’
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