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Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Introductory Marketing Notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 1000
Douglas Adlam

Chapter 14 Marketing Consumer Behaviour in a Service ContextCustomer Decision Making The 3 Stage Model of Service Consumption Service consumption can be divided into 3 main stages 1 prepurchase 2 Service Encounter3 PostPurchase stagesPrePurchase Stage Need Awareness When personorganization decides to buyuse a service it is triggered by an underlying needNeeds are triggered by Peoples unconscious minds aspirations identity etc Physical Conditions back pain hunger etc External sources Marketing ActivitiesInfo Search Once need is recognized customers are motivated to search for solutions Several alternatives may come to mind from the evoked set the set of possible productsbrands The evoked set can be derived from past experience or external sources such as advertising retail displays news storesrecommendations from service personnel friendsfamilyEvaluation of Alternatives Service Attributes product characteristics that consumers can readily evaluate prior to purchase Many goodssome services are high in search attributesCredence Attributes product characteristics that customers may not be able to evaluate even after purchaseconsumption Relate to the benefits that are actually derived Eg Counseling surgery legal advice planning services etcExperience Attributes product performance features that customers can evaluate only during service delivery Must be experienced to know what their getting Eg Live entertainment vacations sporting events etcPerceived Risk To reduce Look for guaranteeswarranties Rely on firm w good reputation Seek info from respected personal sourc
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