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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Business in a changing world notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2000
Lianne Foti

Chapter 9 Marketing NotesPersuasiveMarketing MessagesUnderstanding PersuasionHow to Use it Effectively and EthicallyPersuasion The ability to use argument or discussion in attempting to change an individuals beliefs or actions There are unethical and ineffective persuasion techniques such as trickery or coercion To persuade is to present info enabling others to see the benefit of what you are offering without browbeating or tricking them into agreementEffective Persuasion TechniquesEstablish Credibility must engender trust People must believe youre telling the truth are experienced and know what you are talking aboutMake Reasonable Precise Request most effective when request is reasonable realistic and attainableTie Facts to Benefits Line up solid info to support your view Use stats printed resources examplesanalogies to help people understandRecognize the power of loss Describing the benefits of your propose is a powerful motivator What the person will lose if they dont agree eg time money reputation etcExpectOvercome Resistance When proposing ideas be prepared for resistance Of beliefs negative attitudes apathy skepticism etcShare SolutionsCompromise May need to be flexible in working out a solution that is acceptable to all concerned The Importance of Tone Avoid being preachy and parental People dont want to be lectured Dont pull rank effective persuasion doesnt
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