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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Marketing Info Management Notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2020

Chapter 3 Marketing Information Management The Information Environment31 What is TechnologyWhen examining the impact of technology observers often separate technologies into 2 categories disruptive and sustainingDisruptive technology upsets the current order and completely redefines the rules Sustaining technology refers to technology that improves upon already existing technologyfindways to do things better cheaper and more efficientlyTechnological determinism says that it is technology that causes social change and determines cultural value Suggests that technology is independentcan be viewed independent of human experience 32 Information Systems Other elements than informationtechnology such as databases search engines spreadsheets etc may have incredible capabilities but if they are unstable they provide few advantagesWe may be able to collect vast amounts of info but if we cant manipulate it for our needs then weve gained nothingWe need to consider the human factor when planning designing and using information systemsA welldesigned system needs to consider 3 components People TechnologyInformation Most info systems focus on infotechnology and forget about peopleInfo systems are designed with a purpose to help us solve problems 33 EfficiencyEffectivenessEvaluating systems often boils down to efficiency and effectiveness Efficiency is all about measuring performance of a system Doing things rightIn order to measure the overall performan
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