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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2020
M.J.D’ Elia

Chapter 6Findability 61 Organization Information Information is everywhere these days and so hard to find it is estimated that knowledge workers spend at least 20 of their time each day searchingIn our attempt to make large bodies of information useable we have invented various strategies for organizing informationLists keep track of important items Works well for relatively small organizational tasksHierarchy System generally utilize parentchild relationships to structure information Just like in nature the child part represents a component of the parent Used in books and on computersThese systems usually only work for a single person as they are individualizedIn computer and information science a developed system and structure for information we can share is called ontology An ontology is a rigorous and exhaustive organization of some knowledge domain that is usually hierarchical and contains all relevant entitles and their relations Biologists use the Linnaean classification system to identify plants and animals and Librarians use the Dewey Decimal System to classify books Onologys are sometimes classified as taxonomiesThe process of categorization can be reduced to two concepts lumping and splitting Lumping is a term used when we group information together based on similar attributes The problem with lumping is that the lumps of information can grow too large or become too diverse Splitting is the process of separating information and recombining it to a more specific set of criteria62 Browse and Search Focusing on technology tools that help us handle information directories search engines and databasesA Directory is a relatively common tool for organizing information The information is collected grouped and presented according to a particular convention making browsing easier When information is collected for directories it is collected and presented consistently When users know what their looking for a directory provides an excellent pathWhen users would prefer to explore categories a directory provides a defined structure of broad and narrow topics
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