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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Marketing Info Management Notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2020

Chapter 8 Marketing Information Management Notes Privacy81 IdentifiablyOn a Basic level we are all the same but upon closer inspection we are all differentBehavioural characteristics describe one way to differentiate ourselves but there are other ways as well Your name birthdate parents drivers license numberThe collection of biological attributes cultural traditions observable circumstances and institutional attachments that you acquire over your lifetime combine to form your identityGovernments need to differentiate their citizens employers their employees banks their patrons schools their students etc Gary Marx proposed 7 methods to identify people1 Name Legal names distinguish us from eachother Also connect us to our biological or social linage 2 Location Can be identified by our addresses This can also relate to places we frequentPersonal identification is easier now bc our mobile technology broadcasts our location frequently 3 Traceable alphanumeric Symbols Can be identified via s or other symbols that we acquire through the normal course of life PhoneCredit cardsocial securitybank accountetc 4 Untraceable alphanumeric Symbols Sometimes we acquire numbers or symbols that arent linked to our identity but serve to distinguish people from one anotherEg take a numberdeli counter in grocery store 5 Pattern Behaviour Purchase habits schedules and online communication can all be analyzed to distinguish people6 Social Categorization We differentiate people based on social categories like gender age sex religion class employment status language and culture categories might even expand into leisure activities 7 CertificationEligibilityPeople can be
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