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Chapter 10

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2600
Lianne Foti

Chapter 10 Consumer Behaviour Notes The FamilyIts Social Class StandingThe Changing Us FamilyIn consumer behaviour context households and families are usually treated synonymousIn most western societies 3 types of families dominate married couple nuclear family and extended family Extended family includes at least 1 grandparent Due to divorce separationout of wedlock births rapid increase in number of singleparent family households w at least 1 childResearch Indicated little to no difference between workingnonworking wives in terms of their purchases of time saving goodsNonworking married women were even more likely to buy time saving durables Eg if they were doing the work themselvesthey wanted to save timeHouseholds have decreased in sizeFamilyrelated attitudes towards childrearing have been changing Eg The family meal Importance has decreased due to family member schedules7 Largest expenditure areas are housing Transportation food at home pension and social security health care food away from home and entertainment Socializationrelated Roles of Family MembersThe socialization of family members ranging from children to adults is a central family functionHave to teach children the basic valuesmodes of behaviour consistent w culture such as moralreligious principles dress skills grooming standards manners career goals etcParental socialization responsibilities seem to constantly expand Must teach children adequate computer skills before able to walkDemanding daily schedules in childrens lives preschool play dates lessons sports etcWith the structured activities of todaythe child being constantly surrounded by media there is little opportunity for the child to explore hisher world in an imaginative fashion that their parents might have been able toMarketers often target parents looking for assistance in the task of socializing their children Consumer Socialization of Children Consumer Socialization the process by which children acquire the skills knowledge attitudes and experiences necessary to function as consumers Many preadolescent children acquire their consumer behaviour norms through observation of their parents older siblings etc who function as role models and sources of cues for basic consumer learningAdolescents and teens are likely to look to their friends for models of acceptable consumer behaviourCoshopping Eg Child shopping with mother also give children chance to acquire instore shopping skillsConsumer socialization also serves as a tool by which parents can influence other aspects of socialization process Eg Parents will promise or reward material goods as a device to modify or control childs behaviour Socialization Agent a person or organization involved in the socialization process because of the frequency of contact w the individual and control over the rewardspunishments given to the individual Eg Mothers Growing up in a materialistic worldChildren learn to attach more importance to world possessions at an early age such as seeing commercial for a doll or action figureMiddleschool marks the peak of ridicule for possessions start of fashion awareness and brand consciousnessLower socioeconomic status adolescents having less money than peers tend to be more critical towards advertising claims Adult Consumer SocializationCan include many things such as married couples establishing their own household adjustment of a soontoberetired couple or even a family getting a pet socializing the pet Intergenerational Socialization This is when certain product loyalties or brand preferences transfer on to next generationGrandparents frequently play an instrumental role in the socialization of their grandchildren as they did earlier in
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