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Chapter 2

Textbook chapter 2 notes

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NUTR 1010
Andrea Buchholz

CHATPER2 PLANNING A NUTRITIOUS DIETOn completion of this topic area you will be able to aDescribe and apply the four main principles used in planning nutritious dietsbDescribe the rationale and use of Canadas Food Guide for planning a balanced food intakecList the serving recommendations size and number range for each food group in Canadas Food GuidedDescribe and interpret the four main components of food labels in CanadaeDescribe the main components of the Mediterranean DietfName at least four ways to apply guidelines for healthy eating when eating outWHAT IS A NUTRTIOUS DIET A diet that provides the proper combination of energy and nutrients and is adequate moderate balanced and varied ADEQUATEadequate diet provides enough of the energy nutrients and fibre to maintain a persons health Nutrient Density relative amount of nutrients per amount of energy or number of kilocalories a person with a small appetiteseniors and young children need a nutrient dense diet to ensure they are eating foods that are rich in nutrients to provide plenty of energyMODERATEmoderation refers to eating the right amounts of foods to maintain a healthy weight and to optimize the bodys metabolic processes moderation is the key to a nutritious diet BALANCED balanced diet is one that contains the combinations of foods that provide the proper balance of nutrients our bodies need many types of foods in varying amounts to maintain health when we balance our food intake with our energy needs we can maintain a stable body weight VARIED variety refers to eating many foods each daytrying new foods on a regular basis can assist us in eating a more varied diet WHAT TOOLS CAN HELP ME PLAN A NUTRTIOUS DIETCANADAS FOOD LABELS Canadian government has new set of labelling regulations that became mandatory for all prepared foodsnew regulations specify which foods need a food label provide detailed descriptions of the information that must be included on food label and outline the
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