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Chapter 11

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University of Guelph
NUTR 2050
Simone Holligan

Chapter 11 Toddler and Preschooler Nutrition pg 300302 Feeding ProblemsFeeding problems that are part of underlying health conditions emerge in toddlerpreschool years on top of usual feeding difficulties and require extra attention These children can be later diagnosed withgastroesophageal reflux asthma pulmonary problems in general developmental delay cerebral palsy attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism Children display signs of low interest in eating long mealtimes over 30 mins preferring liquids over solids and food refusals Children at risk of developmental delay are more difficult to feed drink liquids excessively or eat foods preferred by younger children Must recognize that child needs to be treated as younger than current chronological age to help aid problems offer food textures that child can eat successfully within a monotonous diet continuing to offer a bottle etc Food choices for a 25 yr child with suspected developmental delay are of limited choices which are not especially nutritious The food the child dislikes meats vegetables milk require higher oral skills Behavioural Feeding Problems Mealtime behavioural problems and food refusal are common in children with behavioural and attention disordersbring parents to nutrition experts for solutionsBehavioural disorders that affect nutritional st
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