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Chapter 1

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PSYC 2330
Francesco Leri

Chapter 1 Pg 14 - 21 Science of Learning and Behaviour: John B Watson: • Studied in the School of Thought known as Structuralism • Students trying to argue a fact would have to appeal to wiser people who could give them answers that students could not understand. • The main issue with this is that only the people in authority are able to make discoveries and the science is only the opinions of the ruling party. • Watson was a professor at Hobkins University he was a professor of Comparative Psychology. • He wrote the Behaviour Manifesto that dictated psychology was far to subjective and that debates could go on for hundreds of years and still go no where. • Wilson’s call for the study of behaviour was a direct challenge at introspection (idea above) • He doubted the existence of dreams and thought that a muscle twitch was only a muscle twitch and nothing more. Though crude by todays thoughts it was a ground- breaking announcement. He was a firm believer in conditioning experiments. In one of his experiements he • presents an 11 year old boy with a white rat and then scares him with a loud noise (totally illegal and unethical today) Conditioned to have a scared feeling with a white rat he attributed the fear to all furry animals including rabbits, fur coats and other furry animals/clothing. • With this information he pocked fun at Fraud analysis of phobia’s. • Even today we still suspect that phobias have some deep rooted fear in a traumatic event that took place in our lives. • Watson was essentially a campaigner; he wanted to change how the world and the scientific community viewed psychological experimentation. He w
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