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Chapter 10

PSYC 2360 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Latin Square, Observational Error, Analysis Of Variance

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PSYC 2360

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Ch.10 Experimental Research: One-Way
Designs 11/11/2014
Temporal Priority
If event A occurs before event B then A could cause B
If A occurs after B then A cannot be the cause of B
Control of Common-causal variables
Eliminate confounds
Difficult unless true experiment: experimental manipulation
Covariation of cause and effect
Measured by comparing treated ad untreated groups
Temporal priority
Is taken care of because you intervene before outcome is measured
No alternative explanations
Taken care of through random assignment
One-way experimental Design
Has 1 independent variable
IV is manipulated
Refer to specific situations that are created within the manipulation
Ex. Drug doses, violent cartoon/ nonviolent viewings
Equivalence and Control
Can be created through:
oBetween participants designs

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Different but equivalent participants in each level of the
oRepeated measures designs
Same people in each of the the conditions
Random Assignment
Most common method of creating equivalence among experimental
NOT the same as random sampling
Extraneous variables may be present but avg score will be the same
in each condition, >N
Variety and Number of Levels
Experimental condition
oLevel of IV in which the situation of interest was created
Control condition
oLevel of the IV in which situation was not created
Adding More Levels
Various experimental conditions
oL1: 25% violent cartoons
oL2: 50% violent cartoons
oL3: 75% violent cartoons
oL4: 100% violent cartoons
2 experimental, one control
o100% violent
o100% non-violent
ono cartoons
If only 2 levels are present, it is difficult to draw conclusions about the
pattern of relationship
3 levels = higher N
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