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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Notes

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PSYC 2410
Dan Meegan

PsychologyChapter One Psychology the scientific study of behaviour and the mind y Behaviour refers to actions and responses that we can directly observe y Mind refers to internal states and processes such as thoughts and feelings that cannot be seen directly and that mist be inferred from observable measureable responsesClinical Psychology the study and treatment of mental disordersCognitive Psychology specializes in the study of mental processes y Examine such topics as consciousness attention memory decision making and problem solvingPsycholinguistics focuses on the psychology of languageBiopsychology focuses on the biological underpinnings of behaviour y Examine how brain processes genes and hormones influence our actions thoughts and feelingsDevelopmental Psychology examines human physical psychological and social development across the lifespanExperimental Psychology focuses on such basic processes as learning sensory systems vision hearing etc perception and motivational states sexual motivation hunger thirst etcIndustrialOrganization IO Psychology focuses on the study of human personality y Seek to identify core personality traits and how different traits relate to one another and influence behaviourSocial Psychology examines peoples thoughts feelings and behaviour pertaining to the social world the world of other people y Study how people influence one another behave in groups and form impressions and attitudes y Study social relationships involving attraction love prejudice and discrimination helping and aggression Note that topics studied in different subfields often overlapScience a process that invove systematically gathering and evaluating empirical evidence to answer questions and test beliefs about the natural world Empirical Evidence evidence gained through experience and observation and this includes evidence from manipulating or tinkering around with things and then observing what happens
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