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Textbook Chapter Summaries 1-9

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PSYC 2450

Developmental TextbookChapter 1 Studying a Childs World10132011 The Study of Child Development Then and NowField of child development Is the scientific study of processes of change ad stability in human childrenDevelopmental scientists look at ways in which children change from conception through adolescence and characteristics that remain fairly stable Study two kinds of changeQuantitative ChangeIs a change in number or amount such as in height weight size of vocabulary or frequency of communicationLargely continuous throughout childhoodQualitative Is a change in kind structure or organizationChange is discontinuous It is marked by emergence of new phenomena that cant be anticipated easily on basis of earlier functioningMost people show an underlying stability in aspects of personality and behaviorEarly ApproachesBaby biographies journals kept to record early development of a single childDietrich Tiedemanns observations of his infant sons sensory motor language and cognitive developmentObserved sucking to be acquired not instinctiveCharles Darwin Theory of evolution first emphasized the developmental nature of infant behaviorHis journals lead to baby biographiesDevelopmental Psychology Becomes a ScienceScience unlocked mystery of conception and were arguing about the relative importance of nature and nurtureTaught that people could learn about themselves by learning what influenced them as childrenHall was one of the early applied developmental psychologists prompting child study parent education child welfare and influencing how professionals work with children James Baldwin Where research in child development began in CanadaStudying the LifespanIn Canada and United States lifespan studies grew out of programs that were deigned to follow children through adulthood William E BlatzStudied behavioral difficulties and adjustment of 1400 children from the school years through adolescence and into adulthoodAlso instrumental in developing the lab school for the Dionne Quintuplets first known set of identical quintupletsNew FrontiersSensitive instruments that measure eye movement are turning up intriguing connections between infant visual attentiveness and childhood intelligenceAdvances in brain imaging make it possible to probe the mysteries of temperament and to pinpoint the sources of logical thought Traditional distinction between basic research intellectual inquiry and applied research addresses practical problemsEx Research into preschool childrens understanding of dearth can enable adults to help a child deal with bereavement The Study of Child Development Basic ConceptsProcesses of change and stability that developmental scientists study occur in all three aspects of the self and throughout all five period of childhood and adolescenceDomains of Development3 Main Domains
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