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Chapter 17

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2740
Stephen Lewis

Chapter 17 What is cultural personality psychology? - cultural variations are local within-group similarities and between-group differences - cultural psychology seeks to discover the principles underlying the cultural diversity, to discover how human psychology shapes culture and to discover how cultural understandings shape our psychology 3 major approaches to culture - evoked culture is defined as cultural differences created by differing environmental conditions activating a predictable set of responses - under high-variance conditions, there are tremendous benefits to sharing - the degree of egalitarianism is closely correlated with the variance in food supply; to be called stinge is a huge insult and the group imposes strong social sanctions for stinginess and gives social approval for food sharing - the economic means of substinence of a culture affects the degree to which the group develops what he calls a culture of honour; insults are viewed as highly offensive public challenges, which must be met with direct confrontation and physical aggression - transmitted culture consists of ideas, values, attitudes and beliefs that exist originally in at least one persons mind that are transmitted to other peoples minds through their interaction with the original person - the two cultural tasks that have to be confronted in life are communion or interdependence which involves how you are affiliated with, attached to or engaged in the larger group that you are a member of (relationships with membres of groups, etc) the second task is independence which involves h ow you differentiate yourself from the larger group which involves unique abilities, your personal internal motives and personality dispositions and the ways in which you separate yourself from the larger group - do some people shift their self concepts and adopt self concepts similar to those of the adopte
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