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Chapter 19

Chapter 19

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PSYC 2740
Robert Lewis

Chapter 19 Concept of Disorders Abnormal psychologystudy of various mental disorderso Abnormal is always changing Ex Homosexuality was not accepted now it is Psychopathologystudy of mental disorders o Knowing how to defineidentify a disorder is the first step in designing research on that disorder DSMIVsystem used for diagnosing and describing mental disorders o Determines nature and extent of the disorder based on symptoms and behaviours o Lists ten personality disorder and separates them into 3 groups Personality DisordersPersonality disorderpattern of behaviour that differ greatly form the expectations of a persons culture y Motivation is a key building block of personality because motives describe why people act the way they do y These maladaptive variations impact thoughts emotions interpersonal relationshipsbehaviour y To be classified as a personality disorder the pattern must not result from o Drug abuse o Medication o Medical conditions Ex Head trauma y Can view personality disorder in 2 views o Categorical viewpeople without a disorder are in a categorypeople with a disorder are in anotherDominant approach used today o Dimensional vieweach disorder is seen as a continuum Ranges from normal at one end to severe disability at the other endOnly differ from normal people in degree y A persons cultural background impacts the judgement of personality disorders as it is hard for immigrants to adjust to a new culture y Age matters as we should not evaluate people under 18 as they are trying to find their identity y Major life events could also create periods of stable instability and people should not be judged then y Certain disorders are more common in certain genders this could be due to difference in how genders copeEccentric Cluster Eccentric clusterdisorders where traits combine to make people illatease socially and different y Mostly has to do with how people interact with others 1 Schizoid PDpersonality is detached from normal social relations o People have no desire for friendship or intimate relationships o Prefer to spend time with themselves than with others
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