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University of Guelph
PSYC 3350
Saba Safdar

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Culture and PsychologyThe goals of psychology2 main goalsbuild a body of knowledge about people understand behaviour when it happens explain why and predict conduct research and create theoriestaking that body of knowledge and applying it to intervene in peoples lives to make those lives betterCross cultural research and psychologycross cultural psychology a research methodology that tests the cultural parameters of psychological knowledge Traditionally it involves research on human behaviour that compares psychological processes between two or more culturesit is a matter of scientific philosophythat is the logic underlying the methods used to conduct research and generate knowledge in psychologyinvolves the inclusion of people of different cultural backgroundsa specific type of change in the parameters of research methodsa way of understanding principles about human behaviours within a global perspectivetests similarities differences limitations in our knowledgeexamining whether psychological theories and principles are universal true or applicable for all people of all cultures or culturespecific true for some people of some culturesnot topicspecificThe growth of crosscultural psychologythe number and proportion of research publications involving culture has increased dramaticallyDefining culturethe words culture race nationality and ethnicity are NOT interchangeable6 general categories in which culture is discussed Kroeber Kluckholn Berrydescriptive uses highlight the different types of activities or behaviours associated with a culturehistorical definitions refer to the heritage and tradition associated with a group of peoplenormative uses describe the rules and norms that are associated with a culturepsychological descriptions emphasize learning problem solving and other behavioural approaches associated with culturestructural definitions emphasize the societal or organizational elements of a culturegenetic descriptions refer to the origins of a cultureBarrys list of aspects of life with which culture has something to do 8 broad categoriesgeneral characteristics
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