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Chapter 3

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PSYC 3440
Meghan Mc Murtry

Chapter 3: pages 97-104 Theories of Cognitive Evolution: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: competition among species is a basic aspect of existence – species change through 2 main processes: 1. Variation: genetic combinations and mutation of genetics 2. Selection: Survival of fittest offspring These two processes produce the most change amount the earth’s living things This same competition also happens with thoughts and ideas. The main challenge of the evolution of cognitive development is to figure out how the competition of ideas/thoughts happens within the person, and to figure out how the variation and selection creates adaptive outcomes. Siegler’s Theory: The basic assumption of this approach is that at any time children are using a variety of ways of thinking and that each of these ways of thinking compete with each other for use. The more advanced and efficient ways of thinking are eventually used the most and the less advanced eventually are not used at all. Siegler’s findings indicate that competition leads to adaption. Childrens strategies are adaptive in several different ways: 1. They use retrieval – the fastest strategy, predominantly used on simple problems where it can get accurate performance 2. They use more technical and slower strategies on more difficult problems in which they get accurate performance 3. Ch
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