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Chapter 2

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Carol Anne Hendry

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Chapter 2 Denise’s Dilemmas • 9 year old African American moving from an all black school to a dominantly middle-class white school • After the transfer, the child’s marks began dropping and got into fights. • People with intellectual disabilities are represented with lower academic performance and social skills • Misdiagnosis of intellectual disability on a person of what is actually a cultural difference is a result of the self-fulfilling prophecy • The self-fulfilling prophecy states that if a person is labeled as having intellectual disability, the person will function as one who has an intellectual disability even if it is not the case Associated Influences • Factors such as environmental conditions (health care, poverty) is associated with intellectual disabilities, as well as social customs/mores and language differences Poverty • Poverty is found more in ethnic minorities than their white counterparts • Minority children from poor environment tend to have lower occupational expectations than Caucasians • Malnutrition, harmful environmental substances, homelessness and developmental delays are effects of poverty that affect academic success • Poverty limits the health care that kids get during crucial periods of growth in their lives; this results in improper development • Poverty also magnifies depression and chronic stress, which in turn can cause intellectual disabilities Cultural-Social Mores • Mores influence the overall view of a person’s level of funct
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