SOC 1100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: San People, Sociocultural Evolution, Pastoralism

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Society all human beings live in societies. Societies change or evolve over time, and differ around the world in many important ways. Society: people who interact in a defined territory and share a culture. Gerhard and jean lenski importance of technology in shaping society; marx history; weber ideas; Socio-cultural evolution: changes that occur as society gains new technology. inventing or adopting any new technology sends ripples of change throughout society. Five types of societies, defined by their technology. Hunter/gatherer: use simple tools to hunt animals and gather vegetation. *spend most time looking for game and collecting plants to eat. *depends on family to do many things (get & distribute food, protect members, teach children) *religion: shaman or spiritual leader, works to find food too. Horticultural & pastoral: horticulturalism ~ use of hand tools to raise crops; pastoralism ~ domestication of animals.