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University of Guelph
SOC 1100
Deanna Behnke- Cook

Sociology Chapter 1 January 11 2011 The sociological perspective Sociology teaches us that the world guides all our choices. Sociology is the systematic study if human society. Point of view in sociology is called the sociological perspective. Looks at individual behaviour in a social context • recognizes and understanding patterned behaviour • helps us understand social order/structure • helps us understand social change Seeing the general in the particular Society acts differently on various categories of people (children vs. adults, men vs. women) General categories where you fall in to shape your particular life experiences Our individual life experiences are shaped by the society in which we live- as well as by the general categories into which we fall. Seeing the strange in the familiar Society shapes what we think and do. The sociological perspective provides additional insights that may not be readily apparent. Seeing personal choice in social context Durkheim Categories of people with weak social ties are more likely to commit suicide. -men, wealthy, Protestants, unmarried people The higher suicide rate among men may be a result of their greater affluence and autonomy in Canadian society Seeing sociologically: marginality and crisis There are two situations which can help people see how society shapes individual lives Living on the margins of society (black, gay, old, disabilities) Living through social crisis The more we learn about how ‘the system” operates, the more we may want to change it in some way. The importance of a global perspective The study of the larger world and our society’s place in it Applying the sociological perspective It helps us assess the truth of “common sense” -are our common beliefs true? Why are they so widely held? Helps us see the opportunities and constraints
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