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Chapter 9

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ECON 344
Deborah Reyner

BUSWeek 6Chapter 9 Product Branding and PackagingList the components of a productIdentify the types of consumer productsExplain the difference between a product mixs breadth and a product lines depthIdentify the advantages that brands provide firms and consumersSummarize the components of brand equityDescribe the types of branding strategies used by firmsState how a products packaging and label contribute to a firms overall strategyEx DoveBrand extension from soap bar to multiple personal care areasBrand image always associated with moisturemildness Brand promise mildness and moisturizationActual Product Brand Name Quality Level Packaging FeaturesDesignAssociated Services Financing Product Warranty Product SupportTypes of ProductsSpecialty spend considerable effort to search for the best productShopping spend fir amount of time compare from store to storeConvenience not to spend any effort Purchase directly without thoughtsUnsought do not normally think of buying Consumer products are products and services used by people for their personal use Marketers further classify these products by the way they are used and purchasedProduct Mix and Product Line DecisionsBreadth Number of product linesDepth Number of categories within a product lineChange Product Mix Breadth Increase BreadthTrue Religion Brand Jeans now are a lifestyle brand with apparel belts swimwear and fragrancesDecrease BreadthDue to competitive changes TCBY is now focusing on YogurtChange Product Mix DepthIncrease DepthBandAid now has over 40 products to heal cutsDecrease DepthMcCormick spices eliminate dozens of products each yearConAgra expanded its presence in popcorn by including threepopular brandsChange Number of SKUsAddition or deletion of SKUs in existing categories1
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