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University of Waterloo
Human Resources Management
HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

HRM 200 May 4, 2011 Top 10 Workplace Trends  War on talent – attraction/ retention  Succession and Strategic Workforce Planning o Many people can’t afford to retire, and since the requirement for retirement is gone, people are trying to stay in the workforce as long as possible  Work Life balance – stress related illnesses  Corporate values and culture o Employees look for companies that are aware of social and corporate responsibilities and are promoting it within the association  New Generation of Workers o 4 different work generations in the workplace at the same time  Impact of Technology  Compliance and Legal Issues o Bill 168: workplace miles is under health and safety  Leadership development  Globalization  Diversity Workplace Trends  Work/life conflict  Increase in stress related illnesses / stressors  Workplace environment (loyalty, change, toxic people, unrealistic demands, lack of control, lack of career satisfaction)  Increase workplace conflict (gossip, violence, toxic)  New generation of workers  Technology  Government policies  Leadership Current HR Challenges 1. Search for Talent: a. Knowledge / commitment vs skills/ abilities 2. Policy Overload a. When is enough enough? b. Trying to change undesirable behaviours by creating policies c. Easy to hide behind policies 3. Leadership Development 4. Stress 5. Understanding your workforce 6. Are staff #1? Successful Business Share:  Strong culture  Positive attitude  Partnership(s) within HRM 200 May 4, 2011 HR needs to be:  Reliable  Responsive  Understanding  Knowledgeable  Innovative  Have economic value  Have integrity  Tangible Human Resources Management  Managing people in organizations to produce the workforce competencies and behaviours required to achieve the operation’s strategic goals  Managing human capital: knowledge, education, training, skills, expertise HRM Responsibilities: Operational  Services include: o Analyzing jobs o Planning future workforce requirements o Selecting employees o Orienting and training employees o Managing compensation and reward plans o Communication with employees (including counseling and disciplining) Strategic  Strategy – the company’s plan for how it will balance its internal strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats in order to maintain a competitive advantage  Increasingly the HR department is being viewed as an equal partner in strategic planning process  HR specialists are expected to be change agents HRM 200 May 4, 2011 Metrics  Different ways to know we are ringing economic value to the environment  The use of various metrics, or statistics to measure the results of HR, is quite common  Balance scorecard- measurement system that translates organization’s strategy into a comprehensive set of performance measures o Measure one’s performance against everyone else o How do you fit for your job as an individual? External Environmental Influences
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