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PART 1 UNDERSTANDING THE WORKPLACEChapter 2 Perception PersonalityEmotionsWHAT IS PERCEPTIONWHY IS IT IMPORTANTperceptionprocess by which individuals organize and interpret their impressions to give meaning to their environment Peoples behaviour is based on their perception of what reality isFACTORS INFLUENCING PERCEPTIONFactorsPerceiverattitudesinterpretation is heavily influenced by perceivers personal characteristicsmotiveseg we often interpret others behaviours based on our owninterests characteristicswe see what we expect to seecultural differencespast experiencesexpectationsTargetnoveltyphysicaltime closenessunrelated objects grouped togethereg objects close to each other perceived togethermotioneg assignment of new managerincrease in salessoundsmay not be related but bc of timing perceived as relatedsimilarity probabilitythat they be perceived as a common groupsizebackgroundproximity Situationtimeelements in surrounding environment influence perceptions eg shortsTshirts in social settingappropriatework settingin work settingnot appropriatesocial settingPERCEPTUAL ERRORSAttributionwhen we observe what seems like atypical behaviour by an individual we try to Theorydetermine whether its internallyexternally causedInternallyInt caused under personal controlExternallyExt caused result from outside causes person forced by situationS1 Distinctivenesswhether an individual acts similarly across various ELUsituationsRHighSeldom Ext LAHow often does the person do this in other situationsRLowFrequent IntUOIV2 Consensuswhether everyone faced w similar situation responds in AHthe same wayEHighFrequentExtB 3How often do other people do this in similar situationsLowSeldom Int3 Consistencywhether individuals action is repeated over timeHighFrequent IntHow often did the person do this in the pastLowSeldom ExtFundamental attribution errortendency to underestimate influence of Ext factorsoverestimate influence of Int factors when judging others behavioursSelfserving biastendency for ppl to attribute their own successes to Int factors
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