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Chapter 8

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COMM 310
Julie Kim

CHAPTER 8 Helping Organizations Access ShareUse Information81 Turning Info into Knowledge Introduction having info on a topic does not make someone knowledgeable knowledge is created when information is understood when facts are connectedinsights are gleaned info becomes knowledge when it can be acted uponwhere does knowledge resideFormulized data structures or in human beings info systems are limited in capacity to turn info into knowledge helping employees access shareuse info is best way to convert info into knowledgeKnowledge Management The process through which organizations generate value from their intellectual and knowledgebased assetsCapturing classifying evaluating retrieving and sharing information assets in a way that provides context for effective decisions and actionsThe systematic effective management and use of an organizations information resources that contain orembody knowledgeSources people human experts paper documents electronic word documents presentations and spreadsheetsKM is facilitated by information systems but its not all about information systemsIS by themselves are not KM KM is about how companies cultivatepromote practicesbehavioursuse IS to help capture store organizemake the best use of info withinacross the enterprise to increaseleverage organizational knowhow KM In Busi
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