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Chapter 11

BUSI 1020U Chapter 11: Module 11- Communicating Reader Benefits

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BUSI 1020U
William Thurber

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Textbook Note
Module 11 – Communicating Reader benefits
Module Summery
Reader benefits are advantages the reader gains from using your services, buying your
products, following your policies, or adopting your ideas. Reader benefits assure readers
that they can do the job and their success will be rewarded.
Good reader benefits are adapted to the audience, based on innate, intrinsic, esteem, and
recognition advantages, supported by clear logic, detailed, and presented with you-
attitude. There are not enough extrinsic (external) benefits to reward every desired
behaviour; furthermore, extrinsic benefits reduce the high-level satisfaction in doing
something for its own sake.
To create reader benefits:
oIdentify the feelings, needs, and fears that may motivate your reader.
oDescribe how readers can meet their needs with the features of your service,
product, or policy.
Psychological description creates rich sense impressions—what the reader can see, hear,
smell, taste, feel—so readers can picture themselves using your product and service and
enjoying its benefits.
Brainstorm twice as many reader benefits you think you'll need for a message. Use the
benefits you can develop most fully.
Make sure you communicate reader benefits with audience focus.
Key Notes
How Do Reader Benefits Work?
oThey convince readers that they can do the job successfully and that they will be
oAlso, helps overcome two problems that reduce motivation: people may not think
of all the possible benefits; and they may not understand the relationships among
effort, performance, and reward
oReader Benefits are benefits or advantages that the reader gains when using your
services, buying your product, following your policies, or adopting your ideas
How Do I Identify Reader Benefits?
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