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CH1, Services Marketing, 1st Canadian Edition

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University of Ottawa
Michael Guolla

What are Services Intangible deeds processes and performances all economic activity whose output is not a physical product or construction is generally consumed at time of production provides added value in forms that are essentially intangibleForms include convenience amusement timeliness comfort health Types of Service Service Industries and Companies Core product is service Ex lodging transportation finance education Services as Products Intangible product offerings Gift wrapping shipping grooming photography training consulting Customer Service Service provided in support of core products Retail employee call centre Derived Service Abstract broad view of services All products and physical goods are valued for the service they provide Razor provides barbering service computer provides data manipulation Tangibility Spectrum Few products are purelytotally intangible Tangible Salt Soft Drinks Detergents Automobiles Cosmetic Fast Food Outlet Middle of spectrum Advertising Agencies Airlines Investment Management ConsultingTeaching Intangible Why Services MarketingService Based Economies Canada is traditionally production based reliance is heavy on processing natural resources Nowadays 75 of Canadas output and employment is services 50 in the 60s 12th largest service exporter in the worldAmerica is 1st Many Canadian base companies offer services in foreign countriesnot accounted for in the trade balance calculation think call centre Service as a Business Imperative in Manu and IT As traditional services become more competitive marketing and management become more important
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