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Chapter 10

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University of Ottawa
Sheldon Weatherstone

Chapter 10: Information System Controls for System Reliability – Part 3: Processing Integrity and Availability Controls Ensuring Processing Integrity • Input • Process • Output Input Controls • “Garbage-in Garbage-out” • Form Design o All forms should be sequentially numbered  Verify missing documents o Use of turnaround documents  Eliminate input errors Input Controls • Data Entry Checks o Field check  Characters proper type? Text, integer, date, and so on o Sign check  Proper arithmetic sign? o Limit check  Input checked against fixed value? o Range check  Input within low and high range value? o Size check  Input fit within field? o Completeness check  Have all required data been entered? o Validity check  Input compared with master data to confirm existence o Reasonableness check  Logical comparisons o Check digit verification  Computed from input value to catch typo errors o Prompting  Input requested by system o Close-loop verification  Uses input data to retrieve and display related data Batch Input Controls • Batch Processing o Input multiple source documents at once in a group • Batch Totals o Compare input totals to output totals  Financial • Sums a field that contains monetary values  Hash • Sums a nonfinancial numeric field  Record count • Sums a nonfinancial numeric field Processing Controls • Data Matching o Multiple data values must match before processing occurs. • File Labels o Ensure correct and most current file is being updated. • Batch Total Recalculation o Compare calculated batch total after processing to input totals. • Cross-Footing and Zero Balance Tests o Compute totals using multiple methods to ensure the same results. • Write Protection o Eliminate possibility of overwriting or erasing existing data. • Concurrent Update o Locking records or fields when they are being updated so multiple users are not updating at the same time. Output Controls • User Review o Verify reasonableness, completeness, and routed to intended individual • Reconciliation procedures
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